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The Computer Guy has over 15 years industry experience and offers a wide range of services for small businesses and home users. We have experience in corporate, small business, direct consulting and as end users so we understand a wide range of issues that our clients may face. The Computer Guy utilizes up to date, reputable and practical approaches to computer services.

Unlike the many marketing machines posing as capable technology services on the market today, we are not geeks.... we are professionals. We have extensive knowledge, real world experience and employ logical and cost effective solutions rather than scripted attempts to fix computer issues before moving on to the next customer.

Customer service is just as important to us as fixing issues and for that reason our goal is not only to resolve the short-term problems, but to provide comprehensive reviews, offer useful suggestions, provide flexible scheduling and to be a valuable and available resource for our clients on a long-term basis.

The Computer Guy Services Commitment:

"We Just Don't Restore Your PC, We Fix It"™